Admission Guidance to Universities in Japan

In Jellyfish Education Indonesia, we believe by being a One-Stop Solution for Indonesian students who want to continue their study to undergraduate or graduate programs in Japan, we can help improving Indonesian people’s welfare through education.

For years, Jellyfish Education Indonesia has become the top of Japan’s university representative in Indonesia by providing the best guidance and solution for our clients ethically, morally, and honestly. One of our goals is to become the trusted representative of the university in Japan that focused on our clients’ future and to become a part of their success.

Jellyfish Education Indonesia provides help for Indonesian students who want to enter University in Japan by giving:

1. Information about the faculty that want to be aimed by the students

2. Information about the documents that need to be submitted online to enroll.

3. Information of guidance about the offered scholarship in the top university in Japan.

4. Information about the top state/government or private university to many schools in Indonesia by attending education fair.

5. Information about the top state/government or private university that open international program for foreigners.

One of the universities in Japan that have trusted us as their representative in Indonesia is Kyoto University of Advanced Science which has an international program in Engineering.

Image 01 and 02
KUAS did visit and lesson demo to students in SinarMas Academy International High School

Top Universities in Japan

Jellyfish Education also can help to provide information to the clients about universities in Japan that open international programs or scholarships.

For further information:

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