Sophisticated technology and Modern Economics

Japan is a country of advanced technology proven by its scientific and economic progress. From university, post-graduate and research center of the company, every day they conduct basic and applied research, new technologies and theories are evolving until this day of age. Science and technology has turned into tools and mindset that support people’s lives around the world.

Altered as one of its social foundation in life, Japan has opened a wide range of higher education facilities. In total of more than 700 Universities/Academy and nearly 3,000 vocational high schools covering vast areas of education, from traditional science such as science of law, economics, science and technology, to the field of contemporary namely environmental science, information science and the science of tourism, as well as comics, animation and computer games.

Uniqueness of Japanese Culture and Acceptance of Foreign Culture

Japanese culture has its own peculiarities. While it seems that is one of typical Japanese culture, if you live within Japanese society you can immediately understand their distinctiveness. If you are studying in Japan, you will not only gain advanced knowledge and specialized skills, but you will be able to speak Japanese and understand Japanese culture as well. As it stated that the multi-cultural understanding like this will build your new personality that can only be obtained through a study abroad program, isn’t it?

Achieve Bigger Dreams!

There are many people who studied in Japan and continue to work in existing companies in Japan, or return to their country and working in Japan such as the joint venture company which is closely linked to Japan. From the results of various questionnaire shows that studying in Japan for them is something that is priceless.

Success after studying in Japan is not a dream that is easily achieved. However, if you continue to strive to get to your destination and can solve the problems that arise in a foreign culture but stay happy to find something new, it’s definitely a dream come true.

Realize your dreams by trying to learn Japanese!

Studying in Japan

Japan is now becoming one of the developed countries and sustaining global economic power. In addition, Japan also has one of the fairly large investors to invest in Indonesia. In recent years Japan began opening up to the international community to facilitate students from foreign countries to study in Japan.

As developed countries are doing business expansion into many Asian countries, including Indonesia, the Japanese communications opportunities are increasingly being used. Education in Japan is still using Japanese as the language of instruction even up to college level, though there are programs that use English as an introduction but still quite a bit. So that mastery of the language would facilitate a person to communicate for the purposes of the business and higher education. Because it has enough challenges than any other language, the Japanese must be applied in everyday life. Excess studying the Japanese language in its original country is to facilitate mastery of the language as a direct blend in with the natives. Learn Japanese in Japan also helps shorten the duration required to be able to master the Japanese language better than studying outside Japan.



Jellyfish Education Indonesia conducted In House Seminar
several times a year. Find out what makes studying in Japan so exquisite and gain in-depth knowledge about the culture and
their language!


We will give special benefit for students who are enrolled with us and refer this program to their family and friends


We provide you with native Japanese teacher for teaching basic Japanese language, cultural workshop such as Japanese calligraphy, origami and Japanese traditional dance.



ONE DAY NIHONGO – Event by Jellyfish

こんにちは。 Hello. Jellyfish Language Academy will hold an event so-called: “ONE DAY NIHONGO” this event is aimed to facilitate participants to learn and to communicate using Japanese (for Indonesian people) or Indonesian (for Japanese people) in a fun event held by Jellyfish. When is the event? Date: Saturday, 14 December 2019 Time: 08.30 till end […]

New Class Registration for November 2019

Konnichiwa, Minasan!  O-Genki desu ka? In this November, JELLYFISH Language Academy (JLA) at Gading Serpong and South Jakarta will open new classes! 🙂 It happens to grant your wish who wants to learn Japanese. The classes that will be opened for registration are as follows: ELEMENTARY Day      : Mon – Fri, Sat Time    : Morning, Afternoon, […]


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