“Study in Japan” Seminar with Kogakuin University & KLA (April 21, 2017)

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In cooperation with JELLYFISH Education Indonesia (JEI), KOGAKUIN University and KYOSHIN Language Academy (KLA) would like to invite you to attend our “Study in Japan” Seminar, where we will be presenting requirements & procedures to be able to study in Japan, also introducing their newest program specialized for future foreign students, including from Indonesia!

Day & Date: Sunday, April 21, 2017
Time: 1 PM – 3 PM
Venue: JELLYFISH Education Indonesia (JEI) & JELLYFISH Language Academy (JLA)
Ruko Fluorite no. 77, Jl. Kelapa Gading Utara, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Register now for only limited seats available! -> http://bit.ly/2p7AhHs


For detailed informasi:

New Classes of April 2017

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In this April of 2017, JLA will be opening new classes with schedules as below:
Every Saturday 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM
Every Sunday 9 AM – 12 PM
Every Monday & Wednesday 7 PM – 9 PM
Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 5 PM – 7 PM
Classes for ELEMENTARY 2 & 5

Keep in mind that JLA has native speakers as professional and experienced teachers, also utilizing curriculum created directly in Japan, to assure your satisfaction into studying Japanese!

Enroll now! Maximum quota of classes in JLA are pretty small!



Untuk informasi lebih detail:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Summarecon Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

NEW!!! Work in Japan: IT Internship

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Introducing new program by JEIWORK IN JAPAN: IT INTERNSHIP!!!

In order to support JEI‘s objective into allowing Indonesian youth to achieve higher career levels, we have remodeled our previous internship program in the IT field with a better new system!

So, here are details about the program that we could share here:

1. General requirements:
– minimum age of 22
– bachelor graduate from the fields of Information Technology or Computer Engineering
– having 2 (two) years of working experience
– willing to relocate to Vietnam & Japan and study Japanese

2. Technical requirements:
– having experience as programmer, system engineer, web service administrator, or application design developer
(HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, ObjectiveC, Swift, etc)

3. Internship flow:
– undergo training at a Japanese vendor IT company located in Vietnam for 3 (three) months with a 150 USD salary per month (participants will get free accomodation and refund for round-trip air fare to & from Vietnam)
– return to Indonesia to apply for Japanese visa
– study Japanese and work as intern at BRIDGE Institute of Technology (BiT) located in Okutama, Tokyo for 1,5 years
– search for job in Japan or return to Indonesia

Why training in Vietnam?
One, to study basic Japanese and to immerse into Japanese working environment and ethics before heading to Japan.
Two, participants will receive no salary undergoing training in Japan for the lack of knowledge of Japanese language and work ethics.

THERE! There are lots of benefits from this program, right? Not only you will get the chance to have working abroad experience and cultural exchange in two countries, you will also be able to acquire Japanese language skill!
With all these experiences, surely finding a job would be a much pleasurable process!


For more details, contact JEI now!!!
08 777 41 900 15 (WA available)

New Classes for February 2017

Minnasan, below are new classes to be started by JLA on the upcoming February 2017:


Jellyfish Indonesia - belajar di Jepang - JLA 50a                    Jellyfish Indonesia - belajar di Jepang - JLA 51a

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And those classes will be starting according to this schedule:
ELEMENTARY 1: February 4, 2017
ELEMENTARY 2: February 11, 2017
ELEMENTARY 3: February 1, 2017
While the starting of ELEMENTARY 4 class will be announced in later date.

Educators in JLA are professional native speakers with experiences and JLA is using curriculum designed in Japan, ensuring you Japanese learning development to be satisfying.

Enroll right now for the maximal quota of our classes is SMALL!


For more detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Summarecon Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

First Regular Class of January 2017


And here is the first regular class to be started by JEI-JLA on 2017!

Elementary 1 Regular Class will be on every Monday and Wednesday from 7 PM to 9 PM. As we promised, this class will be handled by professional native speaker teaching staffs with a genuinely made-in-Japan curriculum.

Please keep in mind that maximum quota of students in each classes of JLA are relatively small to maintain our quality, so enroll now!


For detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Summarecon Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

4th Anniversary of JEI


JEI is having its 4th anniversary!!!

Commemorating the 4th year of the establishment of JELLYFISH Education Indonesia in our beloved country, JEI will be hosting events such as the followings:

Day, Date:            Sunday, January 15, 2017
Location:              JELLYFISH Language Academy, Ruko Fluorite FR 77, Summarecon Serpong, Tangerang
Time:                    10 AM to 3 PM
1. “Study in Japan” Seminar by Kyoshin Language Academy (10 AM – 12 PM)
2. Takoyaki Party (12.00 – 13.30)
3. “Let’s Study Japanese” Seminar by JELLYFISH Language Academy (1.30 PM – 2 PM)
4. Japanese Culture Experience Session (2 PM – 3 PM)
For registration of this event, please click HERE.

And during this festive opportunity, JEI-JLA is starting 3 (THREE) different classes this January 2017, which are Reguler Elementary 1 Class, Online Elementary 1 Class, and Intensive Elementary 1 Class! Contact our staff for information on enrollment or register HERE.

Overall, this party is going to be such a blast! So, take your friends, family, and relatives to visit us on JEI 4th Anniversary Day!


For detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Summarecon Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

Starting of Online Class, January 2017


Minnasan, do you recall our Trial Online Class held some time ago? This time JEI-JLA will be starting the Online Class officially!

What is this Online Class?
JLA’s Online Class is a Japanese language class done through the internet network. Just like the conventional class in JLA, you will be under the tutelage of professional native speaker teachers based on curriculum brought directly from the Land of the Rising Sun. Differences are text books along with assignments and exercise sheets will be sent to you in the format of computer files.
Isn’t it cool? You could study Japanese without worrying about traffic jam, without commuting time! All you need are a set of PC or laptop, a good and stable internet network, chatting application (such as Skype), and a printer.

Enroll now!


For detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Gading Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

Intensive Japanese Class January 2017


With the beginning of the year 2017, JLA is readily returning with Japanese classes for those who wishes to study the language and culture from the Land of the Rising Sun.

One of the classes we will be starting on January 2017 is the Intensive Japanese Class which schedule is as follows:
Everyday from Monday to Friday
10 AM – 3 PM (with a 1 hour break)
This specialized class targets those who are to continue higher education in Japan departing on April 2017 and we aim to boost up your Japanese skill from zero to Elementary 3 level!

This Intensive Japanese Class will be fully supervised by qualified native speaker educators, using curriculum we brought directly from Japan, ensuring that not only you would be studying the language in short time, but you would also be introduced to Japanese culture and customs to make your adaptation upon arrival to Japan run more smoothly.

Enroll now for this special class has a smaller quota to fulfill compared to our regular classes and you can get a special discount for it!


For detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Gading Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

Japan Education Festival 2017, Kota Kasablanka


Minnasan, JEI-JLA will be participating in the event “Catch Your Dream” held at Kota Kasablanka Mall in the upcoming January 14, 2017, to be precisely in the Fashion Atrium Kota Kasablanka, starting 10 AM to 10 PM.


There will be 14 (fourteen) universities and Japanese language schools from Sakura Land involved in this festival, where you could retrieve valuable information about the campuses, schools, scholarships, and other details!
In addition, you could win 1 (one) unit of SHARP AQUOS TV by attending!!! (lucky draw by filling questionnaire)

This Japan Education Festival is held by Waku Waku Japan and sponsored by The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan, JASSO, and Japan Foundation.
And education institutes participating in this events are:
– Yamaguchi University
– Yamagata University
– Tohoku University
– Kyoto University
– Kogakuin University
– Teikyo University
– Hokkaido University
– Niigata University
– Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
– Kumamoto University
– Akita International University
– Nagasaki University
– Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School
– Kyoshin Language Academy

You could also enjoy talk show by members of JKT48, live performance by musician Hiroaki Kato, presentation by representation of each education institutes, and others more during this event.

Make sure to attend and stop by to JEI-JLA booth to get more detailed information about studying in Japan, such as details, requirements, cost, and others, or about studying Japanese with native speaker teachers!

For those who would like to attend in group sent by schools, contact us now so we could send you a formal invitation to your school to be presented on the day of your arrival to this event!


For invitation request and more info:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Gading Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8022-5238
Email: via@jellyfish.co.id

ANNOUCEMENT: Year’s End Holiday 2016


We would like to announce that JELLYFISH Language Academy (JLA) Serpong Campus will be temporarily non active during the Year’s End of 2016, starting from December 24th, 2016 until January 4th, 2017. JLA will return to be available for inquiries on January 5, 2017, along with the starting our Japanese classes. Although classes in JLA Kemang Campus will commence as usual.

While services for continuing studies to Japan will be closed starting December 30th, 2016 until January 3, 2017.


For registration and detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Gading Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu