High-level Caregivers

Working in Japan program as a high-level caregiver by Jellyfish Education Indonesia is a program that highly suitable for Indonesians who are graduated from nursing/ midwifery.

In this program, first, the participants need to take some tests before they can be hired as an employee in a Japanese caregiver company. After being hired, then the participants will be trained to become a high-level caregiver. The training center will be held at Gading Serpong, Tangerang and aim for the participants to achieve: Japanese language skills, caregiver skill, and the skills that are required to work effectively in Japan.

Recruitment procedure:

First, the company will make the selection based on their documents and interview.

Interview will be held twice, first by Jellyfish Education Indonesia, second by Japan’s caregiver company. If the participants passed the interview process, then they will receive an offering letter stated that they are ready to work as a high-level caregiver in Japan’s caregiver company. In other words, they are employed as a caregiver. after that, they will join Japanese and caregiver skills training for 4 months or more. In this program, the participants are aimed to pass three required exams to work as a high-level caregiver, those are:

1. JFT-Basic – Basic Japanese Test Level A2 or N4

2. Caregiver Skill Test in Indonesian language

3. Caregiver Skill Test in Japanese language

After passing all the tests, the participants will be informed about their accommodation in Japan, some important guide of departure preparation, and the process of worker visa.

The worker visa mentioned is said as a specified skilled worker visa. By holding this visa, you are allowed to work a maximum of 5 years.

The salary and allowances will be equal to Japanese who work as a caregiver as well. The income will be varied depending on your company. the basic salary is about 170.000 – 200.000 yen or 22 – 25 million rupiah per month, excludes the overtime working or night shift allowance.

Japanese cost of living is around 100.000 – 120.000 yen per month, on the other hand, you may save 50.000 – 100.000 yen or 8 – 10 million per month (depending on your lifestyle)

After your arrival, Japan consultant company, Third Place Network Co., will grant your safety while you are working in Japan. It also has Indonesian speaker staff, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Now, Japan is a country with the most population of elderly people in the world, about 22,7% population who are more than 65 years old in 2018.

In Japan, the elderly people who need care are increasing, whereas the caregivers are decreasing. Because of that, Jellyfish Education Indonesia wants to help people outside Japan who want to work in Japan as a caregiver. The nursing technology, nursing home, and nursing insurance in Japan is the best in the world.

There are some nursing homes in Japan, mainly a so-called special nursing homes or group homes. Many people are diagnosed as dementia or easy-to-forget-things, live in that facility and most of them are physically good.

Caregivers will care for the elderly people in the facility with a shift work system. Nursing homes in Japan are equipped with a facility similar to a hotel where elderly people spend their time comfortably and their families feel no worry to leave them there.

Image 03 Nursing home in Japan with similar to hotel facility
source: https://www.instagram.com/greenhaimarakawa/

For now, the elderly people in Japan keep increasing, the help of people outside Japan becomes critical. For everyone, differently, it is an opportunity to get high income to support yourself and your family while working in a safe and clean country with economic power, Japan.

In Jellyfish Education Indonesia, we provide Experienced Japanese language teachers from Japan and Indonesia that will help to teach Japanese. Also, our professional staffs in the caregiver training industry have official licenses with more than 10 years of experience as a caregiver.

Image 04 dan 05 MoU with STIKes Widya Dharma Husada, Pamulang

Image 06 and 07 MoU with Faculty of Health, Muhammadiyah University, Tangerang

Image 08 and 09 Partnering with Akademi Kesehatan Jakarta (Jakarta Health Academy), Together with Mr. Waryono, the chief of Yayasan RS Jakarta (Jakarta Hospital Foundation) and Mrs. Roza Ketua from Akademi Kesehatan Yayasan RS Jakarta (Jakarta Hospital Foundation Academy)

Image 10 KICK-OFF Meeting held in Jellyfish Education Indonesia Gading Serpong. The participants, that has been hired as a caregiver in Japan, together with their parents in March 2020.

For career development information, please contact:

Dinny Miranti
Marketing Manager of Career Development Division

(WA) 0812.8800.2624
(Instagram) jellyfish_caregiver
(email) dinny@jellyfish.co.id
(office) 021-2222 5343