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Kelas Baru Bulan Agustus 2017

Bulan Agustus 2017 sudah mulai berjalan, JELLYFISH Language Academy (JLA) kembali membuka kelas-kelas baru untuk mengakomodasi keinginan Anda mempelajari bahasa dari Negeri Matahari Terbit! Kelas yang akan JLA buka di bulan Agustus 2017 ini adalah: 1. Elementary 1 – Selasa & Kamis 16.30 – 18.30 – Rabu & Jumat 19:00 – 21:00 – Minggu 14:00 – 17:00 2. Elementary 2 1. […]

New Class of May 2017

  The month May 2017 is on the go, JELLYFISH Language Academy (JLA) is opening new classes to accommodate your desire on studying the language of the Land of the Rising Sun! Classes will be opened during May 2017 are: 1. Level ELEMENTARY 2 every Saturday 9 AM – 12 PM 2. Level ELEMENTARY 5 Morning Class and Afternoon Class […]

“Study in Japan” Seminar with Kogakuin University & KLA (April 21, 2017)

In cooperation with JELLYFISH Education Indonesia (JEI), KOGAKUIN University and KYOSHIN Language Academy (KLA) would like to invite you to attend our “Study in Japan” Seminar, where we will be presenting requirements & procedures to be able to study in Japan, also introducing their newest program specialized for future foreign students, including from Indonesia! Day & […]

New Classes of April 2017

In this April of 2017, JLA will be opening new classes with schedules as below: 1. ELEMENTARY 1 Every Saturday 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM Every Sunday 9 AM – 12 PM Every Monday & Wednesday 7 PM – 9 PM 2. ELEMENTARY 4 Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 5 PM – 7 PM 3. COMING SOON Classes for ELEMENTARY 2 […]

NEW!!! Work in Japan: IT Internship

Introducing new program by JEI: WORK IN JAPAN: IT INTERNSHIP!!! In order to support JEI‘s objective into allowing Indonesian youth to achieve higher career levels, we have remodeled our previous internship program in the IT field with a better new system! So, here are details about the program that we could share here: 1. General requirements: – […]

New Classes for February 2017

Minnasan, below are new classes to be started by JLA on the upcoming February 2017:                                             And those classes will be starting according to this schedule: – ELEMENTARY 1: February 4, 2017 – ELEMENTARY 2: February 11, […]

First Regular Class of January 2017

And here is the first regular class to be started by JEI-JLA on 2017! Elementary 1 Regular Class will be on every Monday and Wednesday from 7 PM to 9 PM. As we promised, this class will be handled by professional native speaker teaching staffs with a genuinely made-in-Japan curriculum. Please keep in mind that […]

4th Anniversary of JEI

JEI is having its 4th anniversary!!! Commemorating the 4th year of the establishment of JELLYFISH Education Indonesia in our beloved country, JEI will be hosting events such as the followings: Day, Date:            Sunday, January 15, 2017 Location:              JELLYFISH Language Academy, Ruko Fluorite FR 77, Summarecon Serpong, […]

Starting of Online Class, January 2017

Minnasan, do you recall our Trial Online Class held some time ago? This time JEI-JLA will be starting the Online Class officially! What is this Online Class? JLA’s Online Class is a Japanese language class done through the internet network. Just like the conventional class in JLA, you will be under the tutelage of professional native […]

Intensive Japanese Class January 2017

With the beginning of the year 2017, JLA is readily returning with Japanese classes for those who wishes to study the language and culture from the Land of the Rising Sun. One of the classes we will be starting on January 2017 is the Intensive Japanese Class which schedule is as follows: Everyday from Monday […]