“Study in Japan” Seminar by TIUJ


Continuing higher education to Sakura Land is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, most of them also know nothing about education in Japan or requirements and procedures to be able to study there.

Therefore, joining forces with Tokyo International University of Japan (TIUJ) from Tokyo, JEI will be hosting a “Study in Japan” Seminar for you who are in need of information about education in Japan.

The seminar will be held on:
Day & Date:            Saturday, October 29, 2016
Time:                        10 AM – 11.30 AM and 1 PM – 2.30 PM
Place:                       JELLYFISH Language Language
Ruko FLUORITE FR 77, Jl. Raya Kelapa Gading Utara, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

For seminar registration, click here: https://goo.gl/z7iWXt


For detailed information, please contact:
Nungky / Via
Email: info@jellyfish.co.id
Telepon: 0813 8080 2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

TIUJ will be Visiting Jakarta!


Another partner of JEI who will be visiting Jakarta!

That will be TIUJ Language School from Tokyo, Japan.
Actually, it has one long full-name: Japanese Language School Affiliated to Tokyo International University, but here in JEI we call them affectionally as TIUJ. What makes this particular school special is because of its affiliation to Tokyo International University, a private university, which grants students special rights to receive facilities as normal university students.
TUIJ provides extensive facilities, with qualified teachers, and excellent studying programs to support your dream of studying in Japan, both for studying Japanese and continuing higher education.

Representative of TIUJ has arrived in Jakarta today to visit several language schools and high schools, and will be attending the annual Japanese Education Expo organized by JASSO in the upcoming October 30, 2016.

If you need detailed information directly from TIUJ, please stop by to their booth in the upcoming expo!


For more information:
Nungky / Via
Email: info@jellyfish.co.id
Telepon: 0813-8080-2155 (WA available)
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

KAIT will be Visiting Jakarta!


One of JEI‘s school partner from Japan will be visiting Jakarta!

You remember Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT)?
KAIT is a private university in the Kanagawa Prefecture, featuring highly-facilitated engineering and technology related departments! Swanky lecture buildings and sport arenas, plus super cool laboratories, research centers, and workshop, along with other support facilities (library, cafeterias, accommodation, etc.).
KAIT also has an intensive Japanese course program if you haven’t master the language, before starting school. And due to the conducive environment of surrounded by Japanese students, your Japanese will surely develop vastly!

This week, representative from KAIT will be coming to Jakarta to visiting several language schools and high schools, while attending the annual Japanese Education Expo organized by JASSO on the upcoming October 20, 2016!

So, if you require detailed information directly from the representative of KAIT, make sure to stop at KAIT‘s booth during the expo!


For more information:
Nungky / Via
Email: info@jellyfish.co.id
Phone: 0813-8080-2155 (WA available)
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

New Classes of October 2016

jellyfish-indonesia-belajar-di-jepang-jla-42a          jellyfish-indonesia-belajar-di-jepang-jla-41a

In this October 2016, JLA is opening two classes of two different levels, which are Elementary 1 and Elementary 4. Enroll yourself as soon as possible and go through our placement test to get the appropriate Japanese class for you.

Do not worry, your studying Japanese will be handled by qualified native speaker teachers using curriculum JEI brought directly from The Land of the Rising Sun!

Contact JLA now!



For more information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Gading Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu