UPDATE!!! Work in Japan IT Internship Program

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Introducing new program by JEIWORK IN JAPAN: IT INTERNSHIP!!!

In order to support JEI‘s objective into allowing Indonesian youth to achieve higher career levels, we have remodeled our previous internship program in the IT field with a better new system!

So, here are details about the program that we could share here:

  1. General requirements:
    – minimum age of 22
    – bachelor graduate from the fields of Information Technology or Computer Engineering
    – having 2 (two) years of working experience
    – willing to study in Japan and study Japanese
  2. Technical requirements:
    – having experience as programmer, system engineer, web service administrator, or application design developer
    (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, ObjectiveC, Swift, etc)
  3. Internship flow:
    – undergo training at JLA (Jellyfish Language Academy) in Tangerang – Indonesia for 3 (three) months.
    – study Japanese and work as intern in BRIDGE Institute of Technology(BiT) Program at Okutama Nihongo Gakkou located in Okutama, Tokyo for 1,5 years
    – search for job in Japan or return to Indonesia


Why this program?
– You can work in Japan in IT Field
– You can enjoy Japanese nature.
– Learn Japanese and earn money at the same time!

For more details, contact JEI now!!!
08 777 41 900 15 (WA available)

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