Starting of Online Class, January 2017


Minnasan, do you recall our Trial Online Class held some time ago? This time JEI-JLA will be starting the Online Class officially!

What is this Online Class?
JLA’s Online Class is a Japanese language class done through the internet network. Just like the conventional class in JLA, you will be under the tutelage of professional native speaker teachers based on curriculum brought directly from the Land of the Rising Sun. Differences are text books along with assignments and exercise sheets will be sent to you in the format of computer files.
Isn’t it cool? You could study Japanese without worrying about traffic jam, without commuting time! All you need are a set of PC or laptop, a good and stable internet network, chatting application (such as Skype), and a printer.

Enroll now!


For detailed information:
Ruko FLUORITE FR no 77
Gading Serpong. Tangerang
WA: 0813-8080-2155
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

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