KAIT will be Visiting Jakarta!


One of JEI‘s school partner from Japan will be visiting Jakarta!

You remember Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT)?
KAIT is a private university in the Kanagawa Prefecture, featuring highly-facilitated engineering and technology related departments! Swanky lecture buildings and sport arenas, plus super cool laboratories, research centers, and workshop, along with other support facilities (library, cafeterias, accommodation, etc.).
KAIT also has an intensive Japanese course program if you haven’t master the language, before starting school. And due to the conducive environment of surrounded by Japanese students, your Japanese will surely develop vastly!

This week, representative from KAIT will be coming to Jakarta to visiting several language schools and high schools, while attending the annual Japanese Education Expo organized by JASSO on the upcoming October 20, 2016!

So, if you require detailed information directly from the representative of KAIT, make sure to stop at KAIT‘s booth during the expo!


For more information:
Nungky / Via
Email: info@jellyfish.co.id
Phone: 0813-8080-2155 (WA available)
LINE: Jellyfish Edu

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